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Default Re: For those of you who have trouble with twisted bows

Originally Posted by FromMyasCloset View Post
I watched your vid. I made my own templates. I made a twisted (which looks better than my other ones so far, will post pics and get opinions tomorrow).

However, I was wondering if there are other size templates that I should make and what size ribbon I should use them with.

I have 2.75" for the 3/8" ribbon
I have 4" for the 5/8" ribbon
I have 4.5" for the 7/8" ribbon
I have 6" for the 1.5" ribbon

Can I use a 7/8" ribbon on the 4" or a 7/8" on the 6"? Would it look weird? I think this is where I have serious issues with my twisted. I don't know what widths should go with which length LOL

Confused? Ya. Me too lol
I don't remember what size I use for my 3/8", but the other sizes listed work great with those ribbon widths. You don't want to use a template that is too big for the ribbon. Ex. 7/8" with a 6" template, b/c I'm sure that it would look funky and you wouldn't get the right look.
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