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Default Re: Wood burning tool?

Mine does that to, I figured out it's the way I was cutting it You'll have to play around with different angles in cutting it. I also use a glass cutting board to cut on, seems to help me. I'm sure others will share some tips too.

Originally Posted by KatieLenny View Post
I finally bought a wood burning tool to cut my ribbon. I can't believe that I have been trying to seal ends with a lighter this whole time. The only problem is that after using it for a week, it isn't cutting very cleanly (if that makes any sense). It leaves this really thin plastic looking edge behind. I tried the different tips that came with it, and it seems as though the thin pointy one works the best. I bought it from walmart for $7, so I guess you get what you pay for. I know I am not explaining myself very well, but I would appreciate any tips you guys could give me on how best to use this thing, or what would be a better one to buy?
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