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Default Re: Plenty of new styles!! Faux Floors & Walls for photos :)

Well ours in printed on MATTE 13 oz SOLID VINYL... Not VINYL COATED PAPER like the "others" Ours do not produce a glare like I have seen in the VCP.
If you were to point a flash STRAIGHT ON in bad lighting conditions you would get a little... Actually I will email you a pic right now (it will be ugly b/c I'm going to just snap one with one of the cameras that's memory card is not full) LOL This might help.
Also since ours are not the VINYL COATED PAPER they are so much more durable. We tested both in our research phase and it is so hard to even try and destruct these. They lay much flatter when something heavy is on them, and you CAN use them on carpet and it wont dent them!!!
Ok I'm done, sorry!!!
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