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Default Re: Someone should sell stock photos

I really think that there should be a limit as to how many times they can sell a model pic. I understand that it is their pic and their time, BUT we don't all want to have the same wouldn't be good for any of our businesses. I guess what I am saying is there should be categories like the web designers do. They have ooak that is only sold once. Then the limited that are sold X amount of times. Finally, there is the pics that can be sold a ton of times. Am I making sense? I have the thoughts but not sure if they come out Anyway, they could have two different tiers of pics with a certain amount of times for the pics in that group to be sold. Once sold, they would remove it as an option - put it in a gallery or something for samples of work but not for sale. And, the product pics on white are totally different and they could sell sell sell.
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