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Default Twisted Bow - BBM - Ribbon Sizes Help?

Hello ladies! My boyfriend has decided to order me the BBM ultimate kit for valentines day! I'm so excited and hope to receive it soon. I'm a new bow maker and have a question pertaining to what ribbon sizes to use to make something like this:

(I believe akdowns84 made this, not positive, but i love it!)

I might be getting ahead of myself. Its very possible that the BBM ultimate kit has instructions on exactly what to do. But i wanted to be prepared and buy ribbon ahead of time, so any help is truly appreciated! And note: It doesnt need to be exactly like this one, it was just to give you the idea of what im hoping to someday make! So i'd need ribbon sizes for the middle bow, surround bows and the bottom bows? Forgive me for being so newbie. Thanks so much ladies!!

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