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Default Re: Someone should sell stock photos

I agree! Plus each photographer has their own special touch that makes them unique. That's a good point. Maybe the photos can be offered in 2 or 4 different angles so that they are the same product but different for just that reason you mentioned.

Originally Posted by Robin7786 View Post
She does great work! I think she would do amazing at this also and we could buy from both, I mean you can never have enough options! I also think always watermarking them would be best bc anyone could take them otherwise and you would never know bc so many people used them. Also I was thinking some customers might become leary if we ALL have the same photos - even if we tried to explain stock photos - if they see 30 people with the same picture when they type their search in etsy - they might think we are crazy lol so even pictures of the same items for different ladies would be awesome! It could take care of that problem! Just my.... 4 cents lol
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