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Default Re: Someone should sell stock photos

Originally Posted by midgetinvasion View Post
Well, I have two girls so anything I buy to take photos of, they might end up using. If they don't, I can always just turn around and destash them here. That would recoup some of the cost, and the rest would be taken care of when people pay me for the stock photos. If I sold enough stock photos, then the cost of the supplies would become a non-issue.

I also love taking photos and new challenges, and this would definitely fall under that category for me.

There's also the facet that any exposure at all I can get, to get my name out there, is a wonderful thing.

It would take me a bit to get set up (I have to order the supplies to photograph) but I think I have a lot to offer, as far as my photography experience and skills go. I would most likely do a "per pic" system, through a private album on Flickr. The pictures would be watermarked with my business name, and they would either stay watermarked with that, or they could be watermarked with the buyer's business name at no cost. (adding a watermark literally takes less than a minute) I probably would not sell them just blank, because that puts it "out there" and then there's nothing to stop people from stealing it or sharing it.

And now I am rambling, so I'll stop. I would like to know if there truly is any interest in me doing these, because if there isn't, and everyone is set on going with someone else, then me ordering the supplies and taking the time to take the shots would just be a waste.

She does great work! I think she would do amazing at this also and we could buy from both, I mean you can never have enough options! I also think always watermarking them would be best bc anyone could take them otherwise and you would never know bc so many people used them. Also I was thinking some customers might become leary if we ALL have the same photos - even if we tried to explain stock photos - if they see 30 people with the same picture when they type their search in etsy - they might think we are crazy lol so even pictures of the same items from different ladies would be awesome! It could take care of that problem! Just my.... 4 cents lol

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