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Default Re: Anyone know how to make marble pendants?

I can tell you a no solder method. Please understand that it will not be as durable as soldered pendent.

Supply list:
1. Glass Cabachon or pebbles - (get them from a local dollar store - they come in a small sack)
2. JudiKin Diamond Glaze - a type of glue (get it online or scrapbook store)
3. Aluminum Foil - (get it from a hardware store less than 3 dollars per roll or to get an idea go to look up item number JVCC AF20 Aluminum Foil Tape - this is you wide tape)
4. silver tape (try memory glass aluminum foil tape - this is your skinny tape)
5. Your images.

Cut your image to fit the flat side of your glass cabs - glue it with diamond glaze - let dry. Cut your aluminum foil (your wide tape) slightly larger than your cab. Cover the backside of your cab and burnish really well (just smooth it down really well with a burnisher). Now cut a strip of your skinny tape about the circumference and tape around your cab - make sure to overlap your bottom tape. You can glue your bail or findings with E6000. Just try it - you'll get similar look as soldered pendent with only half the work. If you burnish you piece really well - it should be waterproof but not scratchproof. Good Luck.
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