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Default Re: Now I hate my glue gun!

I always use the hight temp becaause it holds better. If I lined clips, the low temp glue will be cold easliy when touched with the cold clips and it makes the clips bulky feeling, and it's easy to be ripped of the clips. I bought the white and blue one (adtech) at walmart like 2 years ago. It's pointy and didn't leak until a couple weeks ago. However, after stop using it for a week then using it again, I noticed that the leak stopped or atleast not as much as before. I love my glue gun. I might have to get a new one soon though. Also invest in like a silicone like pad to put under your glue gun. I LOVVVEEEE it. It's like 8 bucks at michaels but used the 40% off coupon.

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