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Default Now I hate my glue gun!

I am sensing a trend here, first my knots and now my gun. I promise I am NOT a negative person Just a frustrated one at the moment. When I first started this I was making them for my DD and only had my cheapo low temp glue gun. When I decided to try to sell them, I didn't want to risk them coming apart so bought a high temp one. I noticed alot of people just used the cheapo ones so I picked one up at dollar general one day. It is horrible. Leaks like nobody's business. I feel like I am wasting more glue in pools from leakage. YUK! So I went back to my low temp one for the moment still a little paranoid about it though. Will a more expensive one leak less/work better? I am not able to justify a huge expense but can probably spring about 20 bucks. Will it make a difference?

Thanks so much for your help, and I promise, my next post will be something POSITIVE!!!
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