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Default Re: PerkyBowz Angle Template from LAMB (Look At My Baby), they also make the Gator Bi

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
If you're sure you don't have a use for it I can PM you my address.


Sure! Just PM me your addy and Ill drop it in the mail!

Originally Posted by my2squirrels View Post
Maxine I LOVE my GB!!! I tried the sally's clips and had some success with them but the gb clamps down much better and doesn't slip and move so much when tying. I don't use the tying ribbon that comes with it though. I tried it and it was much too bulky IMO. I use plain white embroidery floss.

Tottally agree! I buy Ms. Lydias (I think is the brand name) embroidery thread. It comes on a GIANT roll for a few bucks. Im still using the first roll I ever bought and am no where near done with it. (and I waste A LOT of it lol)
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