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Default Re: Someone should sell stock photos

Fabulous idea! I have often wished there were some stock photos of certain things.

What about setting up a blog or facebook page to display all the pictures and just watermark them so there is no way someone can steal them without paying (like does). Or even a facebook friend page, so you can control who sees the photos. Then you can either charge a one time fee or per image fee. You could also have other photographers submit photos, but I am not sure what the benefit for them would be just yet.

Maybe if people submit products for you to photograph and they are willing share them with others, they could get other images too. So if one person sends X amount of things to be photographed, then they get to choose X amt of images of your stock images.

I for one, would love a good picture of the sock monkey hats we did a buy on recently. Another one is the zebra print hats with daisy flowers. I love the AR and Chichish flowers paired with the hats or even by themselves.
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