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Default ugg, bottlecaps ruined, any ideas???

I am so upset right now! I have been making bottlecaps for several months and LOVE doing it, finally started selling some on ebay. The ones I used here and at shows have done perfect, but somehow I put them in little baggies to ship and by the time they arrive at the buyer's home they are ruined. I've had two complaints this week, so far and have sold or shipped to another twenty people. What am I doing wrong? I use either glossy accents or 3d crystal lacquer as a sealant and had been using modge podge to glue the images down. I did try some of that clear tacky glue but that doesn't work at all, they come off. But I dont understand what I'm doing wrong with the others? One lady said they weren't dry when they arrived and now they have a fingerprint in the middle, but I know they were dry when I shipped them or I would have never shipped. Any body got any advice?
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