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Default Re: Autograph book--Scrapbooks help me please!

Originally Posted by babesnbugsmommy View Post
not sure if its what you are looking for but my aunt did something fun for her little ones when they went and actually does them alot in different themes you just take a plain spiral notebook in desired size (can be regular or even one of he mini ones) and find fabric in any print you want to use (its even better if you can locate remnants since it takes so little) and then you cut the fabric to fit the size of the notebook and glue it in placeand allow to dry wish i could find some pics but they really turn out cute HTH
I have thought about that! My embroidery machine is the disney one--so I have thought about doing that on the fabric and covering the books!! Thanks for sharing!!

Originally Posted by JessicaJ View Post
That's such a darling idea. I like the book that had a few envelopes in it for a couple of things. You could also leave room on each page to add a picture of your little one getting the autograph of that character.
I had the pic thing in mind too--I dont scrapbook, but I thought it would be easy to just add pics into an autograph book by the signature!! Great minds think alike

Originally Posted by *Tu-Tu* Cute Hair Bows View Post
I will be there in June also ! I made ds one last time we went from images on the dis board and everyone loved it. i printed them all out and cut then then punched holes and used the circle things to hold it together i also made a front and back out of cardboard and covered it with material. i separated the charcters by mickey punches into different groups like animal kingdom, toy story, peter pan, and i printed out misc. pages from each park just in case we met someone i didnt have in there here is a picture hope you can see it

That is super cute!! Where can I find which characters are in which park? This is going to be my first time to go Do you make the mickeys at the bottom of the pages?
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