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Default Re: Someone should sell stock photos

Originally Posted by Luckycait View Post
OK!! Well this would be a total joy for me I just need to know basics first!!
* Photos on or off models (I think I would just do both)
* Photos of what I'll be taking... If it's something I have in stock we'll start there and anything else can be mailed to me. I would mail back afer or part trade??
I have Tues morn open (photoshoot in the afternoon, hmmm maybe a model for this! She's 6 )
Then Thurs. I can do some,
Sat afternoon I have a photoshoot with a 6 mo old. Her Mom is totally fine for letting these be used for product advertisment (gave her a discount so I could use on Silver Lining page)

my price would be very fair for you girls! You are all welcome to pm me with brass tacks on what you're looking for and so on!
Awesome!! I will pm or email later!!
PLEASE DO NOT SELL TO ME!!! NEED a 12 step program!! Anyone know of a good one?!!? Ribbons and Stuff Anonymous?!?!
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