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Default Re: Worth the money..?

Originally Posted by michelbenitez View Post
I have both, firts I bought it NBNG... then I saw an ads of Twisted BBM System and decided to use because looks more easy to make them in that way than Figure 8 method or wrap it from NBNG.

But BBM are kind of time consuming and hard to keep the ribbon in the template as Sweet Cheeck said, and for me every single time I try to make them the loops was uneven, I've tried and tried but no success.

Anyway... so I decided to try NBNG again (wrap it system) and... it's work!!!!finally I got my twisted bows!!!

I voted for NBNG is worth it!!!

What she said ^^^^

I also have both. I bought the NBNG first and then the BBM. I thought the BBM would be faster and easier, but I can't seem to make one with even loops with the BBM! I am always fumbling with the feels like I have 5 thumbs when I try to use the BBM.

Honestly I think both are good templates, I guess it is just a matter of practice to them to turn out perfect
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