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Default Re: Skinny headbands

You know, I thought at first that mine didn't have them either. They REALLY hide until you know what your're looking for. I sent dh yesterday since I didn't feel well and he had one of the flowers in his pocket so that he could find them. He claimed they weren't there. I KNOW they have them, lol.
Anyway, I am one of the etsy sellers of these and I had a photographer contact me a couple of days ago saying that she needed to know how to make them as gifts for her clients. She only needed a few and she had ordered some from another etsy seller but they keep falling apart, blah, blah, blah.
So, being how I am I tell her EVERYTHING except where to get the flowers. I link her to my elastic lady (I think I'll check out bitsybands though), tell her about the felt circle, and offer to sell her some individual flowers since they weren't available online (I didn't think that they were since I could never find them). She comes back later and says "I found them online for about $2 a stem". I was like you did, where?? She NEVER replied
After I tell her *exactly* how to make them, UGH. Now I'm guessing that she found them at and I hope SO much that they were sold out when she went to buy them, lol.
Anyway it made me mad that after giving her all that info., she ignored me when I asked where she found them for that price. So, that's what made me decide to come here and spill the beans.
I've lurked here off and one for info. about FOE, stocking headbands, etc. so I thought, what better place?
I just got a convo. from someone (at etsy) that said "Can you tell me where you get those little flowers and how to make the headbands?". YEAH, RIGHT! I deleted it. I'm not giving anymore info. to anyone since I see what I get back when I need a little info.
***Starting Friday ALL flowers at Joann will be 1/2 price meaning they'll be $1.99 a stem.***
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