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Default Re: Worth the money..?

Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
I dont like my BBM twisteds. I think they are kind of time consuming and hard to keep the ribbon in the template to be honest. (really just a lot of work to figure out, hand holding, alligator clip positioning etc) I would recommend getting Daisys tut on them! She shows the figure 8 method, but I swear, she shows where to sew etc and it is the ONLY way that I can do where I like my twisteds. Anything else, I just dont think they look very good.

I think you can buy her Ebook for like $15ish?
Daisy's book from Lil Hiccup? Those are not the classic twisted bows, that is they don't have the little tail that hangs off on the front. I have been told it is a basic boutique, not a twisted at all. Very good tut though!

Originally Posted by babesnbugsmommy View Post
just had to say i love your color chart that is a really cute idea!
Thank you so much!

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