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Default Re: Looking for Alligator Sculpture Instructions!!

Originally Posted by babesnbugsmommy View Post
i figured out how to do a simple alligator head just using a military braid and like PP's guessing on the length but robin that one is so cute i would love to know how you made it i will send you a PM i was really looking for an alligator including body i have seen a couple times i have played with it though and think i have figured it out as well.
I actually made a whole alligator for my son bc he kept stealing my clips lol I just used the same technique with MUCH longer ribbon and didnt weave it quite as tight in the middle so that looked like his body and the ends looked like a head and tail. For legs I just did like the one on etsy and folded 4 pieces of ribbon over at an angle to look like legs, V cut the ends and glued them at the fold and to the body! He still plays with that thing lol
Originally Posted by isabellasmommy2010 View Post
thanks robin for the measurements and the instructions you sent me earlier
Your welcome!
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