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Default Re: attach flower to headband?

Originally Posted by briellasnana View Post
Not help, sorry, but I would think it would depend on the size of the flower.
IF a 4" daisy, I would suggest a 1" circle, if a tiny daisy, a 1/2" circle?
You don't want the felt to show past your petals.

I have never used the felt. We used to just put the flowers on clips, then clip them through the weaving of the crochet headbands OR glue on a ribbon loop around the headband, then put the flower clip thru that. Then the customers could still wash the headbands or use the flower clips without a headband too, in their hair or on a jacket or ?? whatever they could think of!

IF you are gluing right onto the headband, without adding felt, add the glue on the backside of the flower, not the headbands. Also, do not put too much glue on the petals and spread the glue, with the side of your glue gun, thin layer of glue, so it doesn't go through the holes of the headbands, if it does, glue on a piece of felt.

Awesome TY so so much!
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