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Default Re: I hate my knots!!!

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
I make my knot and get the peak or tightness to what I want and then I turn it over and run some hot glue across the back, with a little glue on either side of the knot area and let it cool and then put the glue on the middle of the bow and lay the knot on top I will try to take some pics in a minute when my glue gun warms up.
So are you putting glue on the inside of the knot? Just trying to get a visual I already put glue on the back of the knot to try to keep it centered. but it still pulls tighter when I wrap it around to the back. I use 3/8 on my small stuff and if it is a single little bow I can get it to do ok. But when doing a larger stacked bow it does not seem to matter what size ribbon, I have been battling this so long I can't remember if I tried 5/8 or not. May have to give it another try.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help!
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