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Default Re: Need IDEAS!!!!

Rolled roses, on pins for hats or shirts.
Rolled rose rosettes on shoe clips for little tennis shoes or dress shoes.
Ribbon necklace with tiny rosettes or rolled roses attached to it, or some kind of neclace.
Bracelets, from cheap tiny jelly ones, with something made out of the materail, rosettes?
Ripped strips, that will tie around wrist, with different colors of rosettes or rolled roses, for a bracelet.
Ripped matial, then braided for a headband, bracelet or belt.
IF a belt with ripped matial, hanging ribbon, with cute flowers on them, made out of different material.
Head band made the same way as above, where they can tie underneath the hair or sew on some cheap elastic pony o's, so it will be stretchy.
Socks with matching longer sytle ruffles on them.
Legwarmers, with bows or rosettes on them.
Sunhats, with material around the centers, then rolled roses or rosettes glue on it.
Little aprons for cooking or play, or used for an outfit.
Dollar Store, cheap, pearl type neclaces, for mardigrass, and glue on something, like rosettes, ripped material tied in knots, tiny rolled roses, little bitty flowers to match the matial colors.
Oh, I think I could go on and on!
LOVE this brand of clothing, so vintage!
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