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Default Re: Interchangable Bottlecaps for Bows?

Originally Posted by LittleTrends View Post
They look soo cool! So you put the magnet under the ribbon? Or just on top?

And which magnets? Any identifying features I should know about when I go to Walmart to look for them?
I actually put them on top of the ribbon.. only because the magnets are to big to fit under the ribbon & if you put them under it might not be as magnetic & I wanted to make sure the cap wasn't going anywhere! Especially because of the choking thing..

The magnets are black & come in a 50 pack for like $5 something. I'm pretty sure the package is green?! HTH!

I'm not sure about the E6000 being compliant but I know that hot glue doesn't hold the magnets to well..
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