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Default attach flower to headband?

Hello Ladies! I need your Help.. I've been trying to attach my daisies to my FOE's and my crochet headbands permanently .. and I'm stuck....

I tried to cover the seam of the crochet headband with ribbon, I've tried cutting the seam and hot gluing (sp?) them. I've also tried sewing them but I feel like I'm doing something wrong.. am I? What do you guys do? Also does it really matter if you put felt on the back of the headbands.. and what about the color... do you match it? ex.. I have a hot pink headband with light pink ribbon to cover the seam.. is that a no? or a green headband with white thread.. I'm sorry to ask all of this questions but I've searched and there is not one def answer.. I'm a visual person so if you guys have a pic you all can share with me just to guide me I'd really appreciated.

Thank you so much!
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