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Default Re: "Stella" headband from snazzie drawers

I have it. I have most of her patterns....there are a few I haven't gotten around to trying yet though. I sell quite a few Audreys, Juliets, and Lyla Rose headbands. I love all her patterns. I tried the Stella and I thought it was pretty straightforward, but I haven't done anything with it yet. So no pics I bought the Kennedy rose pattern too, but I haven't made those yet either.
The one I REALLY wanna try is the Duchess Vaya necklace. I've had that one for months but I haven't tried it yet. I feel like it's gonna be pretty time-consuming.
You can look at some of the stuff Ive made with her patterns in my shop and on facebook. I've definitely made my money back on the ones I've tried.
I can tell you that the Kennedy rose pattern is not what I expected it to be. Usually I can sort of figure out the technique by looking at it but that one threw me!
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