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Default Re: How do I make these?

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
ETA ~ thanks for the compliment

LOL.....I can see that, there is a science to it. My mom is a fantastic seamstress but cannot sew without a pattern, I cant sew WITH one but I can sew some stuff that ppl really mom can be precise enough to quilt but has trouble picking fabrics....we all have our gifts.....WHAT IS YOURS (obviously not picking out undies) ......go with your gift!!
I've never thought about using the stove to get them in the right poistion! This is genius! I normally just use a pin and then sew through them... Also, does your mom quilt for a business or hobby? (or both. Hehe) I want to get in contact with someone to make a toddler quilt.... Think she'd be interested?
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