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Default PerkyBowz Angle Template from LAMB (Look At My Baby), they also make the Gator Bite

Has anyone here used LAMB's "PerkyBowz Angle Template" for "free hand" folding? It's long and made of paper. You use it to mark off the points that you fold on the ribbon.

They suggest using diappearing ink, but you need to rinse the ink with water.

Is that practical?

Or could you get away with using faint pencil marks?

I think the Gator Bite is $30.00 but you can get a $50.00 package that includes this template and a few sets of instructions.

I've been avoiding paying for the Gator Bite but it might be worth getting depending upon how good the template is and how good the instructions are.

I've read a lot about the Gator Bite on HG but very little about their other products. I'd appreciate any feedback.

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