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Default Re: current GB's going on????

Originally Posted by Lilysmomma View Post
lol i swear they have too many holidays over there!!!! i would think now would be the time to be holding a GB that way when they got back we would be ready to place the order... but oh well ill keep looking!!
thanks for the link!!!
Originally Posted by WildFlowers View Post
I really need in on some buys too! I am trying to open a boutique and need cute stuff! I hope some pettis, hats, flowers and such open soon!
Ladies if you are interested...Lisa H has a metal headband/bobby pins/snap clips/chrissys

Jeannie is finishing a moonstitch ribbon buy. She will also be opening a CUSTOM Korker buy next week, ALSO WITH 4.5" ONES being offered

I am opening a cello bag buy on our yahoo group

Lisa P just finished a custom ribbon buy and will be opening a new one next week.

Also, I have some double sided tape left on a buy that is shipping next week.

Lisa H just got in her petti buy (waiting on one box) and will probably have another one posted soon.

All buys are held on our yahoo group here:

Feel free to email me or pm me if you have any questions.


Join us on yahoo:

Over 1,200 members and counting, come join the fun!

Want an update to all of our yahoo group buys?

The weekly update is updated every wednesday

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