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Default Re: I'm scared of using my wood burner...

Originally Posted by dkazoriginals View Post
aww stop being a bunch of babies! lol just kidding. here is what you do: keep a soaking wet washcloth in a bowl, not only can you use it to clean the tip but it comes in handy when you have an accident. you will burn yourself i do it all the time. but when you do it only hurts for a sec (providing you don't HOLD on! (ainsley lol) when i get burnt it corterizes (spelling) immed and basicaly you cook yourself so i dedens the nerves. I leave it on almost all day , but i have a special "work area" that the girls know they do not go into. Anywho once you get over it, you will be fine, oh and by the way, i have been burnt worse by the hot glue gun and my hot pen is 910 degrees!
I don't wanna have an accident!! Oh well, I know it's inevitable, that's why I haven't touched it yet!
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