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Default Re: Glass tile pendants

Thank you both for your replies! Mine look similar. I'm having a problem with my bails just kind of popping off, taking a small layer of the paper (just where the bail was glued) with it. It's like they aren't durable? I'm using E6000 to glue them on after I glaze the back of the paper part. I've tried both Diamond Glaze and Glossy Accents. Both look great when they are dried, and I haven't had any problems with that part, just the bails. Any idea what I should do? All the tuts I've read have the same instructions, and I'm doing it exactly like it seems everyone else is, but I don't want to sell a product that's going to fall apart in a few days! Any ideas?! I read something on here about scratching the glass, but that doesn't make any sense to me because you glue the image onto the glass first, so the bail isn't actually "touching" the glass, it's on the paper. Sorry so long winded but I want to start selling these and I'm getting frustrated! Thanks!

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