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Originally Posted by grammyj View Post
The link doesn't open up, says there is an error. Bummer. But thanks.
I was able to open it. It took me to the 43rd post, which is basically a mini tut without pics. See a copy/paste below:

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
Here is the response from the original thread about funky loopy bows. Others asked how to do it on alli clips, and this was the response for one HG's way:

"You wrap them to the top half of the clip. I use a very skinny dowel to help hold the clip open as i sew the 1st loop on and then i proceed as you would a french clip. sew the last loop then i line the underneath with a ribbon and hot glue to ensure its secure. its a little harder if you have bad hands...carpel tunnel, ect. You have to do more work to get it onto the clip bc the clip is wanting to shut so you have to keep it open AND put the loops on at the same time. Its not too hard though. hth...."

"sorry i am just now responding to you...i just saw this. I sew through the middle of the clip. I tie my 3 strands of embroidery thread to the clip by going around through the center...the space that is open. Am I making sense? I always glue a strip of ribbon onto my sewing to enforce the thread. Its very secure that way. If i get time ill take some pics. "
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