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Default Re: How to Attach two ribbons & get right look for cheer bow

Your best bet is to buy the tut, it's only 5.00 and well worth the money.
The cheer Bow tuts on YouTube are usually just boutique bows or pinwheels with longer tails, not a true cheer bow, and don't give you the help you are looking for regarding layers of ribbon and/or fabric.
The loops may look flat, but that may simply be just the angle the picture is taken at, the loops are often a little puffy just not to the degree of the loopy, boutique or twisted type bows.
Using glue to bond your layers is tough, especially with white or other light colors. Heat n bond will solve your problem there, it takes a little practice to learn what works best, and when, it's just a matter of building your talent and learning your preferences.
You will find much help here on the forum, but again, purchase the no bow no go tut from the ribbon retreat or another vendor to at least give yourself a base to work from. You'll have a greater understanding of the basics, including how to measure, bond, fold and finish your bows.
Hope this helps!
Good Luck!

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