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Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Yes, we do help.. to a point. But you're asking very specific questions for a highly stylized item. Think of it this way... you can go up to the KFC counter and ask what type of chicken they sell. They'll answer you but they're not going to give you the recipe to their secret ingredients.

Im actually not even the person who originated this question, and the person who did has the exact same dress style as what i posted a question to. So I dont know why you are targeting me with your comments.

I simply asked if anyone knows how or has any ideas on how this could be accomplished. I did not ask a patent to disclose their secret, Im just asking a general question about a pretty dress I saw.
And also, I asked a general tutu question in asking, 'does anyone know how you would tie the fabric to a second elastic'. Didnt know the patent was pending on that one either.....
I have never made a tutu before so I dont think my question should be so scrutinized. There is no wrong question when it comes to trying to learn something new.
A crafters brain is the best brain to pick when you are trying to learn a new concept.
I thought everyone elses ideas were great, along with their pictures, and their comments were very informative and pleasant.

So I'll say it again, but re-word it for you so you can see what I was trying to say:
For anyone who would like to help.... I love this specific tutu i found online. I have never made even a basic tutu but think i have a good handle on how to do that much.
So my question is: does it look like (to anyone) this dress has a second row of knots (at the empire waist band) or does it look like it is just a ribbon woven in between the fabric?
If anyone knows bc they've made one, or has an idea of what MIGHT work to put a woven ribbon onto a tutu dress, I'd appreciate any insight or ideas all your crafty brains can come up with
Thank you
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