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Originally Posted by hbhg211 View Post
I did look for a tutorial, didnt find one So i thought i'd post here and see if anyone had any ideas, I thought that was what this was for, asking for help and ideas with crafts.....

If someone asked a question i could help with or add any insight to, I totally would!
Isnt that how we all learn... If everyone knows how to make a basic tutu, well, thats fine, but at least I asked. Just trying to make my wedding the best day ever and add a pretty DIY dress to the mix
Yes, we do help.. to a point. But you're asking very specific questions for a highly stylized item. Think of it this way... you can go up to the KFC counter and ask what type of chicken they sell. They'll answer you but they're not going to give you the recipe to their secret ingredients.
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