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Default Re: How to Attach two ribbons & get right look for cheer bow

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Hello - I tried using Fabric Fusion to attach two ribbons to make a cheer bow and it actually shows through the Schiff white ribbon on the back. Any suggestions of how to apply the fabric fusion or something better to use so this doesn't happen? Also, I followed a free tut on you tube for cheer bows and her loops kind of stand up a bit like boutique bows, but I notice that on most of the cheer bow websites the loops look like they lay flat (and don't poof out). Is there a trick to getting them to lay falt? When i try to make them flat then the tails stick way out to the sides instead of coming down toward the center more. any tips for me or any good free tuts? thanks!
Unfortunately, almost any glue used to fuse ribbons together shows through when the base color is light. Heat n bond works well to fix that problem. It's more expensive but solves the problem.

Many recommend doublefaced tape? I can't say that I have been brave enough to try the tape, but I know others have and love it.

As far as flat loops. I hate them. I like a little body to the loops on my bows. Personally, I purchased the tut from NBNG. I would consider it. It's cheap at $5 and great!

I use crochet thread on my bows and pull the centers very tight. I think that is what makes my loops look perky.

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