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Default Re: First Petti-tutu -- How is it?! :)

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
That is really nice. I wouldn't change anything.

I just finished my first tutu (not a petti version) and it looks a little short. It's about 14" long and originally I meant it for my 6 year old DD1. But wound up shortening the elastic to fit 4 year old DD2. It still looks a little short on her.

How old is your DD and how long did you make this?

I think I can help you answer someone else's question about how you knotted the pink strips so they wouldn't slide off. It looks like rather than merely knotting the pink onto the brown, you double knotted it with the brown.

In other words, you tied the pink on and then you took the end of the brown strip and knotted it with one of the two pink strips.

My daughter is 3 and this skirt is 13" long. For a regular tutu I usually make it about 8". For a 6 year old I would probably do about 16"

I actually didn't do a double knot. It was only one knot. I wrapped the pink around the brown a couple of times then took the bottom of the brown and tied it to the pink end furthest from it. I tried the double knot and didn't like the way it looked. Not sure if that made sense lol
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