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Default Re: Feather pads for babies - what do you think?

Originally Posted by Tess9737 View Post
I actually just hot glued the pad and the rosette to the foe then attached some felt on the other side of the foe and glued that to the foe and the pad for a bit more stability.

Don't call it a day, lol! I've been making bows for about 4 years now and sometimes I have to put on blinders when I see new projects. I know I want to do it someday, but have no time to try it yet.

I bought the feather pads from a group buy on the forum, they come as just the red with white curly tips you see on my headband. Then I took apart another white feather pad and that's the little white feather I added to the headband. Then I added the special diamond button and made a satin rosette and put it together. It didn't take long at all.

I think there is a group buy going on for some right now, but I'm not certain. They run about $1.20ish per pad.
Thanks for the encouragement and what they are and where I can buy them. They will be on my to-do list for sure!
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