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Default Re: Question about picture models....Please advice

Originally Posted by rlhouts View Post
Thanks so much for your consent form! I am having a girl model some stuff for my website and I was wondering what I could do to make sure the parent and I are in agreement over how I use the photos!
I'm not sure if you're dealing with a parent / photographer or a parent who is also the photographer... You need a very specific agreement between you and the both as to how you can use the photos... It is illegal to post a photographers work on your pages unless you have permission to do so. If you want to use them on your fb page, other webpages, etc... you need permission from both, if you want to use them on business cards, brochures, ads, etc.... you have to have permission, if you want to add your logo to the photo of your items that are modeled you must have the photographers permission to do so. The parents have to have permission just to be able to post the pictures online themself, and if they are copywrited, without permission you can't add anything to them or crop them down or anything. I see a lot of people mess with professional images that i am sure don't have permission to do it, like teens around here with senior pics and stuff, i know they can get fined so i send them a message and they take them off. I can't give you much better advice... I require the parents and models for me to get their permission form notorized, because that takes out all question as to whether it is fake or invalid.
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