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Default Re: Question about picture models....Please advice

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post
I'm curious about this too..I understand trading product for pictures, and the photographer can then use those items as props in future photo shoots...

But what about the parents? Do they expect something from it too, or are they benifiting in another way?
If you trade with a photographer, they get to have the props for all the kids they shoot for to enjoy... you get guaranteed professional pictures, they get new props, the kids get new items to shoot in, the parents get to have great photos done of their child modeling, which for some parents is really exciting...... Therefore the photographer is happy, you are happy, the parents are happy and the kids that model for them are happy. Its a great experience personally as a photographer to be able to offer boutique modeling for the kids i shoot for... its a real self esteem boost to the older girls and a treasure when parents put albums together for their babies who don't understand now but can look back later on what they did when the were younger <3

If you trade with specific models, you rely on them to get great photos done for you, which means you may or may not get great quality photos, depends on if you're trading with someone who's done it before and has a photographer on hand... the models get to keep what you send... so the parent gets items for their child, and you get photos of your items being modeled... I like trading with them as a photographer because they can get shots of several different girls wearing their stuff instead of one...
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