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Default Re: First Petti-tutu -- How is it?! :)

Originally Posted by FromMyasCloset View Post
I haven't tried multiple tulle in one knot yet. I've only been doing 1 strand at a time with the "U" knot. Like I said, I'm picky when I do my knots, so I take my time to tug and tighten where needed. There have been times when I redo it lol. I'm not really sure how else I can explain it without posting a video.

I tried the double knot once before and it did NOT work out for me lol but I might try it again because I would think that it would be more secure than the U knot.

Are you sure that you have the No-Roll elastic? I mean, it will fold up if the tulle gets pulled tightly but not if you make snug. My first mistake with making a tulle was getting regular elastic and I was getting so mad because the slightest thing would make it fold.
Yes I just bought the no roll kind!! I had regular elastic at first so maybe that is why!! So I will have to give it another try for sure! I just don't know how urs is so fluffy lol. If you do just one strip at a time do you layer them on top of each other? Sorry if i'm asking so many questions lol. I just really love this tutu!!
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