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Default Re: First Petti-tutu -- How is it?! :)

Originally Posted by FromMyasCloset View Post
Thank you

This is done on a 3/4" elastic. I make sure I have about 5 strips/inch to give it the puffiness. I'm a bit anal about how it sits on the elastic so I probably take more time to tie them then other people. The good thing about a solid colour is that I don't have to worry about it as much lol

I have tried many different knots and all of them if pulled a certain way will slide off. I'm trying to think of how to describe how I tied it. I really can't describe it, but tonight I can take pics and post them.

The way I did it seems to be working fine. My daughter has been wearing it all day and there have been no issues, even my 17 month old son got mad at her and started to yank on the tulle.
Ha ha my son yanks on the ones I make all the time!! Ya I tried doing the double knot on the elastic and I have 1" elastic and I'm gonna try it on there. I just hate how big and bulky they look when I do the slip knot and I also hate when the elastic folds so I get mad and go back to my crochet head bands lol. So when you say you used 5 strips how do you get the knots to not look bulky lol. I have been researching tons of tutu tutorials but I can't find good ones and I like them super FLUFFY! When I do several pieces of tulle on one knot it looks awful!! Thank you for your response!! I ask questions all the time and get no help most of the time lol.
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