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Originally Posted by grammyj View Post
How do you keep the alligator clip open while you are working on it and how do you keep the loops from sliding off the tip end as there is no "stop" there like on the french clips?
not sure if i can explain how i do it . . . but i slice a plastic milk jug into long thin strips (or whatever firm, thin plastic you have on hand) and make it on the long strip (i measure/mark the strip so i don't get carried away - make it 8" long!) . . . and then cut the long strip & hot glue (or whatever glue you prefer) it to the alligator/french clip and then also secure it with the thread to the clip base.

my thread always kept on getting tangled/frayed/broke from the french clip . . . so i changed over to this way.

works for me!
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