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Default Re: Wood burner question.. please help?

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
I've been reading about wood burners that can cut and also have a V-shape tip (for making clean, crisp V-cuts).

Can you please post a photo of your wood burner if you have one of these? Or link me to a place where there is a photo? I've looked around, but I can't find one with a V-shaped tip(?)

I've seen one with an exacto blade (I'm assuming that gets hot and you can cut your korkers right on the rod)... is that how that works?

I love my wood burner, but I'd love it even more if I could cut korkers off the dowel and make nice, V-shaped spikes.

Thanks girls
Great question! I would love to know that too. I haven't used a wood burner yet, don't really know what all you would use it for.
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