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Default Re: No Sew tutu question

It is confusing when you first start because some say add an inch and some say subtract a few inches. I learned the hard way and added an inch and had a tutu that fell off of my daughter's hips lol

I take off about 2" and overlap about 1/2 an inch or so.

When I calculate how much tulle I need I still calculate the proper waist size, not the elastic size.

For example, my daughters waist is 20 inches. I cut the elastic at 18 inches but I'll still use 100 strips of tulle (20"x5/inch), the elastic will stretch out to the 20" I need.

I'm still fairly new though, I might start cutting it 3" shorter just to be on the safe side as this last tutu I made seemed to be a bit big (the tulle seemed... thicker?!)
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