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Default A Magnetic Sewing Pin Dish

This is something I saw somewhere and thought I would share. I have a LOT of sewing pins and finding something to hole them is hard so this is the solution I did from the tutorial wherever I found it.....

I have the small extra strong mags but I used the ones I can get at HL and they need to be fairly strong mags.....the little super strongs work as well

I hit the thrift store and got some really sweet little china bowlish containers for CHEAP....(like between 49 and 99 cents)

Here is the bottom, the larger the bowl, the more magnets I had to use, also, it is a BIT tricky as you have to keep the mags from flipping over on one another b.c of the polarity

then I covered the bottom with felt after the glue was dry (I used E6K on some and my hot hot glue on some and both are fine....if you use E6K it will take longer as you have to let it dry before you can flip it over)

and she is finished

I love this one, here it is finished....this one hold a LOT and might make it to the next time i have a craft fair to sell....not sure

here is the bottom
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