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Default Re: No Sew Pacifier Clips?

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
You could just use snaps on both ends then you won't need to sew or use glue.

I'd think if you use 5/8 over the 7/8 to dress them up a bit liquid stitch or the heat and bond stuff would work... I've never tried it I'm just guessing.

Love how you dressed it up w/ felt! Looks great!
I didn't want to use snaps on both ends, because then they can actually remove the keyring and it can get lost, etc. On the other hand, they'd be able to wash it that way. So I just might do that.
To put one ribbon over the other, I'm afraid if they do separate, it could become a choking hazard. That's why I was asking. I think I'll just stick with single ribbons

Originally Posted by JerseyGirl View Post
What did you use to attach the snaps, and if you used a press where do you buy snap press' from?? Thankyou
I got my snap pliers and snaps from Their plastic snaps are CPSIA approved, and they have a gazillion colors and shapes. HTH!
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