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Default Re: How is this bow made?

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Bottom bow is has 4 loops on one side, is a loopy bow variation on my TOTTS instructions, I'm sure there are hipgirl instructions. using 7/8 ribbon

next layer looks to be a 3 loop bow - same instructions, using 7/8 as well

next layer up looks like a 2 loops - same instructions or could be just basic bow

last is just korker pieces to top it off and the whole thing is on a crochet headband.

As for the korker question - I would decide on what your lengths are for the whole bow - let's say the bottom layer was 3.5", next 3", the next 2.5" then the korker strands would probably measure about 2.5-3". I would sew the strands like you would a normal korker (up through the center of the strand with the needle, I always have a piece of 3/8 ribbon on the bottom of my korkers to wrap around the clip, so in this case you'd want the piece to be long to be able to wrap around all the layers. Looking at the bow she probably has 12 pieces or so on the top?

Does this make ANY sense? lol
Excellent directions!! Thanks for sharing bstimpert
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