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Default Re: Questions about working w/photographer

Originally Posted by kclements73 View Post
Yes I am curious about this as well. I mean if i offer them a outfit that I retail 45.00 for and someone else is giving them about 15.00 in bows how is that comparable so I am unsure of how this works too.
My more regular toddler high key photographer (so far!) does outfits for either 5.00 per outfit OR a shoot @50$ for the session for up to x amount of shots during the session. this works well if you have a bunch of outfits at once. < If you want them shipped back afterward.

$15 in bows is comparable to $45 in outfit because it's a little easier to resell a bow because it's OSFA and it's easier to model. No outfit changes.
ALso when bow makers send they typically send more. I make accessories only and I send $200 retail in product while clothing designers tend to send $100. So it just works out. It's really up to the photographer and model, tho. As there may be some with other preferences.
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