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Default Re: Questions about working w/photographer

You typically give the product in return for photos shot the way you ask them to be done. I have worked with dozens of photographers over the years. It can be fun.

If they are a reputable photographer they will have a site, blog or fb account set up with all of the info there for you. Either you agree to the terms or you don't.

There are some who will offer (this is typical anyway for some) to either do a trade - a regular one. Just product for photos. OR they offer to take x amount of photos modeled and send back for x amount per item.

Just ask them to link you to what they offer or their details. If they don't know then you can call the shots Tell them you'll set up an etsy trade (like a regular listing but with details in there about a refund when you get pics).. then you're covered for the loss.

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