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Default Questions about working w/photographer

I have many questions on what the normal practice is for trading products for photos.
I've been approached by some amateaur photogs..I say this in all kindness because I know these people have only just begun and recently as of Christmas purchased a nice DSLR and created a photo business on FB.

I was offered photos to use on my FB and or website of their child wearing a tutu onesie set that includes bows. I would get pictures and they would get the outift and bow for free.

So my question is why do some boutiques have modeling contracts and offer a discount of 25%-30% off the items being photographed? I'm confused as to whether offering the set free is normal or is it more standard to have a modeling contract they pay for the items in addition to giving photos? Maybe I'm wrong and the boutique purchases the photos but I'm just really confused on the proper way. I guess I don't want to be taken advantage of by giving stuff away and I definately don't want a photographer to think I want something for nothing. It needs to be a win win for both sides and I need to do more research and gather more information to see about how to get there. So what is you give a certain amount of product for a certain amount of photos? Please give me some advice. TIA!
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